The 15 Best Celebrity Reactions To The First Presidential Debate


The first Clinton/Trump presidential debate last night was nothing short of legendary.

The candidates yelled at one another, interrupted each other , and shot below-the-belt jabs at each other. (Lester Holt probably should have been doing more interrupting!)

Even the crowd, which was supposed to remain silent, got in on the action. They cheered, booed, and made a ruckus, despite being told numerous times to shut the hell up.

It’s fair to say that some people across the country turned to alcohol to soothe the pain of the debate. Drinking games abounded — so much so that the surgeon general issued a warning about alcohol poisoning (or at least he should have).

Undoubtedly one of the best parts of the debate, though, were all the Twitter reactions. Celebrities of all types got in on the action, sharing their outrage and horror.

Feature Image Via YouTube

I enjoyed this debate as much as these celebrities clearly did! See you October 9th!


Feature Image Via Twitter

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