55-Year-Old Man Isn’t Letting Age Stop Him From Playing College Football


Usually the type of people who say “age is only a number” are Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends or someone else who is contractually bound to be in denial.

However, 55-year-old Joe Thomas Sr. isn’t letting age stop him, and it has nothing to do with appearance’s sake. The determined dad chose to go back to college to pursue a degree and cure financial woes as well as play ball while he is at it.

As a 55-year-old college senior on the practice team, Joe Sr. is running out of time to get some playing time and make history as the oldest division one college football player to take the field.

According to Campus Rush, the original plan was for Thomas Sr. to play alongside his son at South Carolina State and become the “first-ever father-and-son teammates.”

Unfortunately, Joe Jr. was involved in a car accident that resulted in an ACL and MCL injury that disrupted his season and prevented father and son from being able to practice together.


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