Here’s Video Evidence That Beyoncé Is A Queen In Every Country


Beyoncé is a pretty incredible live performer. She’s especially adored by the hundreds of thousands of fans currently enjoying her Formation World Tour shows in cities around the globe from Baltimore to Barcelona. Instead of sticking to the same old same old, Bey recently decided to give her Spanish fans in Barcelona a very special treat — she sang a version of her breakup anthem “Irreplaceable” en Español and it was, obviously, flawless.

Called “Irreemplazable,” the 2007 hit from her B’Day album somehow sounded even more perfect in Spanish, and the reported record-setting 46,000 fans at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys on the last stop of her European tour were lucky enough to hear Bey in their home language for one song.

One fan account captured the moment and shared it to social media, because if Beyoncé sings in Spanish and no one records it, did Beyoncé really sing in Spanish?

All jokes aside, she killed it, and fans were totally excited to hear the revamped classic. How do you say “to the left, to the left” in Spanish?

Beyoncé had previously whipped out the Spanish version of “Irreplaceable” for her fans in Barcelona in 2014 during her On the Run joint tour with husband Jay Z, and she even has a music video version of the song in Spanish, which currently holds more than 14.5 million views on YouTube.

Creo que es simplemente el poder de Bey. She’s an international treasure.

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