CeeLo Green Is The Latest Exploding Phone Victim, Or Is He?


We all know that Samsung has been dealing with a lot of sh*t recently because of their phones that, you know, catch on fire and whatnot.

Before the election and sh*tstorm that was fall/winter 2016, late summer saw exploding phones making a splash. The internet was filled with videos of phones catching on fire, exploding, and doing other crazy things that phones are *definitely* not supposed to do.

And it seems that musician CeeLo Green is the latest phone explosion victim. In footage caught on a security camera, CeeLo is seen in a recording studio with other people when he gets a phone call.

The other people in the room leave, and CeeLo is left to his cell phone. He casually chats with the person on the other end of the line as he spins around in his chair.

Then, suddenly, the phone appears to explode] and goes flying from CeeLo’s hand. CeeLo falls off his chair from the surprise, and the video is pretty hilarious.

After the video went viral, though, CeeLo himself made a selfie video explaining that the clip was setup. It’s all part of a big new project that he’s working on, but he wanted to make sure everyone knew he was okay.

Apparently people were “emotionally disturbed” by what they saw in the clip, which is kind of crazy because, come on guys, it’s an exploding phone. It’s really just par for the course at this point.

Watch the phone explosion video below, and watch CeeLo’s response here.

Feature Image Via YouTube

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