Watch Chrissy Teigen Get Her Vajayjay Bedazzled For Sports Illustrated


In 1964, Sports Illustrated published their very first swimsuit issue, which changed the face of swimwear forever. According to the Lincoln Journal Star, the SI Swimsuit Issue legitimized the bikini for the first time, even though it had been invented years earlier.

Nowadays, the SI swimsuit issue is famous for bringing sunny summer vibes to millions of Americans; this issue of the magazine always comes out in February, right when people are getting sick of winter.

The swimsuit issue is also obviously famous for its sex appeal. Models show off their gorgeous bodies in tiny bikinis, and they’ve usually just come out of the water, so they’re soaking wet.

Throughout the years, hugely famous supermodels like Tyra Banks, Christie Brinkley, and Heidi Klum have graced the cover of the swimsuit edition. This year, the People/Entertainment Weekly Network went behind the scenes to see how the models get their famous shots.

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