Daewon Song’s Skateboarding Skills Will Blow Your Mind


You like skateboarding. You spend countless hours in your driveway or on your backyard ramp practicing and coming up with new tricks.

To all of you amateur skateboarders, meet Daewon Song, a longtime professional skateboarder who has taken everyday skate tricks and turned them into an art form all his own.

For those of you who recognize the skate style in this video, that’s because Song is the co-owner of Almost Skateboards, which he created alongside skate icon Rodney Mullen. Together, Song and Mullen represent a style and technicality of skating that few are able to achieve. Even if you don’t like skateboarding, it’s hard to watch any video of Song’s and not appreciate the skill and beauty of his interpretation of skating.

The best part about videos like this is that they show us that oftentimes it’s our own minds that are holding us back.

Thank you, Daewon, for the inspiration.


Lance Weiss
Lance Weiss

Lance Weiss is a stand-up comedian in NYC and enjoys healthy foods, skateboarding, surfing, cool socks, and fun hats. Find him on Twitter @lanceweiss.

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