Dancing Kid Is Way More Interesting Than The News Report He’s Videobombing


The floods ravaging Louisiana and Mississippi are continuing to worsen, with the death toll now up to seven and a further 20,000 people having been rescued thus far from their homes and vehicles, including this woman and her dog that had to saved from a submerged car.

Sometimes, however, you just need to smile in the face of adversity, even when those hard times come in the form of floods of historic proportions, and that’s exactly what this little guy did. The boy in question is Reuben Williams and he just felt the need to bust out dancing behind WAFB news reporter Justin Jaggers who was delivering the latest on the emergency, live from the scene. This was no simple photobomb, though; li’l Reuben started absolutely tearing it up!

Jaggers was trying to draw attention to the terrible traffic situation in Baton Rouge’s Tiger Bend area, which was caused by a mass exodus as people fled to higher ground, while this little dude in a red T-shirt vied for attention in the middle of the road and won. To be honest, Williams seemed more comfortable in front of the camera than the reporter!

Until this moment, there haven’t been a whole lot of smiles to be seen in Baton Rouge lately, but if laughter is supposed to be the best medicine then maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Check it out.

Feature Image Via YouTube


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