Drunk Boyfriend Thinks His Girlfriend Is Mad At Him, And It’s Hysterical


When 16-year-old Jodie Duncan made plans with her 18-year-old boyfriend Kieron Cameron to have a night in, apparently he had other ideas.

Despite their apparent plans otherwise and Kieron spending time with his sick girlfriend and not going out, that’s exactly what he did.

Kieron left for the party in the afternoon and didn’t make it back home until much later, and many drinks later than anticipated.

Turns out that drunk Kieron started to feel a little bad about the whole thing…like really bad.

Suddenly Kieron’s behavior goes from bad boyfriend, to boyfriend of the year material, or stage five clinger depending on your personal preferences.

Kieron only asked Jodie one question, and then things went pretty crazy from there.

Read on for exactly what happened from there with this couple…


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