MMA Fighter ‘The Beast’ Accidentally KOs Ring Girl


Being a MMA ring girl is probably a crazy job. They’re ring-side for some of the craziest fights, and they get to see some of the toughest fighters out there go head to head right in front of them.

The job of MMA ring girl is a weird mix of glamorous and gross — they wear tiny outfits, have perfectly-done hair and makeup, and have gorgeous bodies, but by the end of the night they’re probably covered in the blood and sweat of the fighters.

These girls get up close and personal with men getting beaten to a pulp, so they know they have somewhat dangerous jobs. Think about it — they’re surrounded by testosterone-filled men who are completely built.

Well, one ring girl recently got a little too close to the action. Andrew ‘The Beast’ Whitney fought Farkhad Sharipov in the Titan Fighting Championship, and after three rounds, he expected the judges’ decision to go his way.

Unfortunately for him (and the ring girl), the judges ruled in favor of Sharipov. Frustrated and pissed off, The Beast took out his anger on the nearest person, who just happened to be the ring girl.

He caught her right in the jaw, and she flew backwards, grabbing at her face with her hands. It looks like The Beast may have felt badly afterwards, but it’s hard to tell.

All I know is that even if you lose a fight, you should never hit a random person. Ever.

Feature Image Via YouTube

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