This New Airplane Out Of Russia Could Be A Total Game Changer


Currently there are essentially two companies that dominate the world’s skies: Boeing and Airbus. Well, Frigate Ecojet out of Russia wants to challenge that.

Really quick jet tutorial: Wide-body jets can carry many more people and travel further, but they require higher costs to operate due to their size, fuel needs, and other technical factors. Then there are narrow-body aircrafts. These planes are, as the name suggests, skinnier and carry fewer passengers, but are also cheaper to operate. So basically, depending on the distance and the number of passengers traveling on certain routes, an airline has to decide which aircraft is most cost-efficient.

This is where the Frigate Ecojet comes in. With both a small body, and an ability to carry a lot of passengers, this plane could be a real game changer in air travel.


Lance Weiss
Lance Weiss

Lance Weiss is a stand-up comedian in NYC and enjoys healthy foods, skateboarding, surfing, cool socks, and fun hats. Find him on Twitter @lanceweiss.

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