Watching A Hot Wire Cut Through Dry Ice Is Insanely Satisfying


Grant Thompson, a DIY scientist and YouTuber, has a question: Will a hot wire cut dry ice? Some of his viewers were wondering the same thing, so Grant decided to try it out.

Using a hot wire, which becomes hot due to an electrical current, Grant has cut through lots of other substances, like styrofoam and wood. He’s never tried to cut through dry ice, though.

The hot wire can reach temperatures above1000 degrees Celsius. Dry ice, though, is negative 79 degrees Celsius.

Grant has two hypotheses for what could happen in this experiment: the hot wire will easily cut through the dry ice, or the dry ice will freeze the hot wire and make it unable to cut.

Grant starts by setting the wire to its normal setting and tries to slice through the ice. When the ice comes in contact with the wire, it makes a horrible screeching noise, and the wire immediately cools off, unable to cut through the ice.

Once he kicks the hot wire into overdrive, it begins to make some progress on the dry ice, but still doesn’t smoothly glide through it. He eventually even breaks through the wire with the dry ice. Dry ice is so cold that even a blow torch doesn’t do much damage.

In the end, Grant concludes that while the hot wire does get pretty hot and works well to cut through other objects, it’s just no match for the cold temperature of dry ice.

Feature Image Via YouTube

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