The 20 Hottest U.S. Female Athletes In The 2016 Olympics


If you’re like me, your knowledge of sports is lacking, and you’re tuning into the 2016 Olympics solely to play pretend-judge while you’re sitting sans pants and sans dignity on the couch, snacking on M&Ms while you watch in awe of the athletic prowess of your fellow Americans.

I’m not judging. This is America, and what makes us so great as a nation is that there are 19-year-olds like Simone Biles breaking records, winning gold medals, and all around kicking a**, and there are those of us who get winded walking up three flights of stairs. It’s all about balance, people.

That said, it’s pretty hard to deny the immense level of eye candy among the U.S. female athletes in the games this year, bringing the heat to the already-scorching Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, and it’s fully okay to admire both their diverse athletic abilities and how adorable they are.

There’s no shortage of stunning ladies in Rio, but what’s even better is how flawlessly they’re crushing every sport from table tennis to taekwondo. Here are the hottest female Olympic athletes from the great United States, in all their hard-bodied glory. There’s no particular order here — these women are all gorgeous in their own right.

Featured Image via Instagram

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