Hungry, Hungry Lion Eats A Hippo, Then Gets Head Stuck In His Meal’s Butt


Behold, the circle of life. Since there is no graceful way to say this, here is a video of a lion literally getting her head stuck up a hippo’s a**.

These tourists hit the safari jackpot when they came across a pair of lions who are beginning to chow down on a hippo carcass. The sheer size of the hippopotamus means these big cats are eating well.

That said, one of the lions is definitely all about that base and can be seen performing what we humans know as tossing the salad. Of course, this interspecies relationship poses a slight problem.

Basically, the lion’s small head and hippo’s large anus are a similar size. Poor lion is stuck all up inside where the sun don’t shine. I personally wouldn’t want to be within a mile radius of that decomposing 4000-pound hippo.

Seriously, there are flies swarming this thing. As far as the animal kingdom is concerned, it is likely that the lions found this hippo already dead and are just reaping the benefits.

Hippos are not gentle giants. They are actually one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. In fact, even dead, this hippo is a danger to the supposed king of the jungle.

Granted, this lion is totally sticking its head where it doesn’t belong and is essentially getting what it asked for. To each his own.

Feature Image Via Mirror 


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