Watch Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Hysterically Insult Each Other


Even though many of us have done a lot of growing up since we last hung out on the playground, we can all appreciate the artistry that went into creating and delivering playground insults.

This is why BBC radio hosts Scott Mills and Chris Stark dedicate an entire segment to the game of “Playground Insults.”

The Passengers co-stars have been receiving a lot of attention for their sibling-like comfort when it comes to making fun of each other so this was bound to be good.

The actors can be seen sitting opposite each other as if they’re about to duel, and in a way, that’s exactly what they’re about to do.

Of course, they’re instructed that it is just a game and not to take the insults personally. Jennifer Lawrence cracks up at the disclaimer and the game is on.

The winner will be decided by making the other person either laugh uncontrollably, or by delivering the “killer insult.”

They begin by cleverly pointing out each others…less successful projects. Even the best actors are bound to be in a flop once in a while.

The pair then move on to insulting Chris Pratt’s intelligence, which if you’ve ever seen Parks and Rec, you will not find shocking.

Throughout the entire face off, it is clear that both actors are getting a good ab workout trying to hold in their laughter, check it out below.

Feature Image Via Youtube 


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