Joe Biden Will Cameo On Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Law & Order: SVU’


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is without a doubt the best television show on the face of the earth (according to me, of course).

After 17 seasons and countless cast members, creator Dick Wolf has kept the show relevant, exciting, and empowering. Each episode generally follows the fictional detectives of New York City’s Special Victims Unit as they pursue sexually-based offenses (which are considered especially heinous) from initial victim contact through trial.

Season 18 premiered last Wednesday, September 21, with a dramatic episode centered on rape and terrorism. Tonight, the episode will focus on the actual nationwide problem of rape kit backlogs.

To emphasize the reality of this problem, Vice President Joe Biden will be making a guest appearance, highlighting his real partnership with Mariska Hargitay, who plays head detective Olivia Benson.

This isn’t Joe Biden’s first television guest appearance (he also had a cameo on NBC’s Parks & Recreation), but it might be his most important.

Law & Order: SVU is known for having a lot of surprising guest stars, but other shows have had some shocking cameos as well. Check out the list below for other unexpected guest appearances.

Feature Image Via Instagram

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