Watch This Guy Juggle Knives Like It’s NBD


If you’ve ever tried juggling, you know it’s a lot harder than it looks. You see someone else doing it and you think, “How hard could it be? It’s nothing more than tossing some balls in the air and then catching them and throwing them again. I could do that.”

However, when you try it, you realize how wrong you are, because juggling isn’t just throwing and catching some balls. There are patterns involved in the throwing and catching process, and when you add in more balls, it all gets faster and more complicated.

When you’re learning to juggle, you normally start with scarves and balls — objects that stay in the air longer or won’t harm you if you drop them, which is good, because you will drop them. Believe me.

So, when you watch the guy in this video, after trying to juggle yourself, what he’s doing seems even crazier: this guy juggles knives. That’s right, knives. And not play knives either. No, these are the type of knives where if you catch the wrong end, they’ll cut your hand clean off.

The crazy thing about juggling knives is that in addition to understanding the multiple patterns of juggling, you also have to know when to flip the knives instead of just tossing them straight up. At one point, he even does it one-handed.

This all might seem confusing, so just watch the video and see for yourself how much of a badass this guy is.

Feature Image Via eBaum’s World

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