RIP Justin Bieber’s Instagram; The Singer Has Gone Silent (For Now)


Well, Selena Gomez may not have “killed him with kindness,” but it certainly seems like she had a hand in the death of his Instagram account — because Bieber has gone radio silent on the photo and video sharing app, and it kinda seems like she thinks she’s the one to blame.

To recap: Bieber flooded Instagram with shots of his rumored new girlfriend, model Sofia Richie, over the weekend, and was surprised to see that his Beliebers were not feeling his loved up posts. He then threatened to leave the site due to the “mean” commentary.

Somewhat inexplicably, his ex-girlfriend Gomez inserted herself into the line of fire, and the two engaged in a fight in the comments section, proving how off-the-rails things can go when celebrities take their social media accounts into their own hands.

The fight featured all the usual suspects: cheating accusations! attention-whoring! finger-pointing! All without ever actually naming anyone by name.

Impressive, or totally pathetic? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Things seemed relatively quiet in former teen pop star land for nearly twenty four hours… that is, until Bieber made good on his word and actually did leave the site last night, at least for now.

He didn’t quit social media altogether, though — he’s still on Facebook and Twitter, but it seems like he’s sick of that “same old love,” too. For now.

Fans captured screenshots of his deleted account page, and while he hasn’t commented directly, it seems pretty obvious that all the negative attention was too much for him… for now.

Featured Image Via Instagram

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