Man Eats 36 Pieces Of French Toast Like It’s NBD


Matt Stonie, a champion food eater (no really, he wins food eating competitions), recently took on one of his craziest challenges yet: eating 36 pieces of French toast.

And if the French toast alone wasn’t enough, he added a whole bunch of berries to his insane pile of breakfast. For the video, Matt created three different types of French toast: classic, cinnamon-sugar, and “French Toast Crunch”-encrusted.

Once he cooked up the 36 pieces of toast, he sliced up some berries and started stacking. After piling on the berries, he dusted the enormous stack with powdered sugar, then drenched it all in maple syrup.

Before starting to eat, Matt takes a good long look at his masterpiece. Then he grabs his knife and fork, takes a final deep breath, and dives in.

Once he gets about a third of the way through, he realizes just how thirsty he is. French toast is ridiculously sweet as it is — and that’s before he added the cinnamon sugar, “French Toast Crunch” cereal, powdered sugar, and gallons (okay, maybe not quite gallons) of maple syrup.

As he approaches the bottom of the stack, he surprisingly still seems to be enjoying himself — his only complaint is just how sweet it is. When he finally stabs the last piece with his fork, he lets out a loud groan; the pain of eating 36 pieces of French toast has finally gotten to him.

Overall, he was able to eat all 36 pieces in under 25 minutes, which is a pretty great feat if you ask me.

Feature Image Via YouTube

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