Meet Brandon: The 6’3″, Pre-Pubescent, 29 Year-Old Boy


Brandon Westfall is not your regular 29-year-old. You see, Brandon suffers from Kallman syndrome, which means he still hasn’t gone through puberty.

When Brandon was in high school he was required to have a physical exam completed in order to join the school’s soccer team. While in the doctor’s office, Brandon asked why he still hadn’t hit puberty. The doctor simply told him he was a “late bloomer.”

After graduating high school, Brandon experienced a significant growth spurt, shooting up from 5’4″ to his current height of 6’3″ in a matter of months. He thought his time was finally here, but it still wasn’t to be.

Kallman syndrome, named after German-American geneticistis Franz Josef Kallmann, is a genetic condition where the main symptom is a failure to begin or complete puberty and can have both reproductive and non-reproductive consequences.

In this video from two years ago, Westfall speaks openly about the affects this has had on his life. Since this went on the air, Brandon has been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy on three separate occasions for months at a time, but is unable to continue due to the medical costs.

We all know that growing up is tough, but it seems that never growing up is even worse. Peter Pan will seem more like a nightmare than a fairy tale after watching this. 


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