Who Is The Best Dunker In Basketball History?


This past weekend the annual NBA Slam Dunk Contest was held, which, in summary, turned into one of the greatest showdowns ever between stars Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon.

Thanks to plenty of buzz, some are saying this latest contest rivals the great 1988 dunk-off between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins.

At the event, Gordon jumped over a mascot and still put the ball under his own body. (I mean, how is that even possible?) Zach LaVine, not to be outdone, took off from the foul line, with a classic Jordan-esque dunk.

The below video is a fun mash-up of these two epic dunking battles. Watch the clip and decide for yourself if this past weekend contest or the great 1988 battle was the best. Either way, there’s a lot of action-packed dunking in this video.


Lance Weiss
Lance Weiss

Lance Weiss is a stand-up comedian in NYC and enjoys healthy foods, skateboarding, surfing, cool socks, and fun hats. Find him on Twitter @lanceweiss.

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