Now You Can Play Drums Without Actual Drums


The best drum set you’ve never seen: That’s the tagline being used by Aerodrums, anyway, the quiet, portable alternative to owning an actual drum kit.

If you lack space for a real drum kit, if you don’t want to annoy your neighbors, or even if you’re a young, aspiring drummer who is finding it hard to convince your parents to lay out the cash for a drum kit, Aerodrums seems to be an excellent alternative.

Aerodrums is an air drumming instrument which utilizes motion capture technology to create a fully functional, customizable drum kit. Operating via small reflective balls placed on the ends of drumsticks and reflective strips the user attaches to their feet, a high-speed camera locks on to these to track the drummer’s hand and foot movements and converts them into a realistic drum sound through the user’s computer.

Yes people, the future is officially here.

One downfall of Aerodrums is that they are limited to indoor use only, but when you compare its retail price of $199 to that of a conventional drum kit, you have to wonder if going outside is really necessary anyway. 


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