NSFL: Would You Try The Body Modification Trend Bagel Head?


There are all sorts of body modification trends ranging from the socially acceptable, like piercings, to the more bizarre, like neck elongation. But bagel head?

The extremely bizarre trend bagel head involves injecting 300 to 400cc’s of saline directly into the forehead over a period of two hours to create a temporary swelling that is then molded into the shape of a bagel. The body naturally absorbs the saline so the swelling is usually gone the next morning and the shape returns to normal, but people who try their hand at this body modification trend are essentially walking around with what looks like a forehead in the shape of a bagel for as long as a day.

Although it has been portrayed in the media as a wacky, new Japanese trend, that’s probably overstating it. The reality is is that the procedure is virtually unknown among even hardcore body-modifiers in Japan, as it is expensive and requires special equipment to perform, which defeats the purpose of a modification that only lasts less than a day. The bottom line is that not a lot of people are doing this, but enough are that people are talking about it.

See the procedure, and results, in action below. Just, why?

Feature Image Via YouTube


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