PornHub’s Christmas Commercial Is Actually Almost SFW


When the words PornHub is mentioned in a sentence, it’s safe to assume that whatever comes next is the type of thing you don’t talk about in public.

Surprisingly, PornHub’s latest Christmas commercial is the type of thing you could play at work without getting any strange looks. In fact, you could play it on a projection screen at work and HR would barely even blink.

The point is that PornHub’s commercial’s central theme is not about sex per say and it actually challenges viewers to feel something somewhere other than their sex organs.

It begins, “Twas the night before Christmas…” Various people of all ages are shown doing one of the most heartbreaking things someone can do on Christmas — being alone (hence, the title of the commercial being called “Lonely Night”).

Honestly, it was pretty genius of PornHub or whatever modern day Don Draper they hired to think of this.

It actually makes you kind of believe that PornHub is fulfilling an important role in the lives of people who are alone and that it can even cure loneliness, at least for however long “it” takes.

To be honest, once you think about it hard enough (no pun intended), you kind of realize that porn might actually in fact fill a void in some peoples lives. The actors and actresses are indeed performing a necessary service.

So, Merry Christmas from PornHub!

Feature Image Via Youtube 


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