Scientist Explains How You’re Probably Going To Die


When it comes down to it, every phobia has the same root cause: the fear of death. Whether it’s a fear of flying, clowns, enclosed spaces, or even Lepidopterophobia (fear of butterflies), what people are really scared of is that the situation or object will be the means by which their end comes.

This video, however, proves that the surface level aspects of those fears are misplaced. “The most common cause of death is called dying,” the narrator says. Good point.

From there, he introduces an interesting concept: the Suicide Olympics. Everyone participates, and the prize is a billion dollars. Basically, whomever manages to die in the most ridiculous, incredible manner possible wins.

There’s a catch: it has to be a total accident. From there, it gets really interesting.

The narrator covers a few “risky” scenarios for possibly winning the contest, listing the odds that each have of killing the participants. They’re all much more unlikely to be deadly than one would assume.

His solution? Just living life is the most likely cause of peoples’ deaths. Tobacco use, obesity, drug use, cancer, heart disease, and other preventable deaths are much more probable to be killers than pachyderms, aka murder cows.

What’s truly interesting is the probability of anyone actually being born. After some intense calculation, his conclusion is this: the likelihood of birth is rarer than a f**king Mewtwo.

Feature Image Via YouTube

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