Here’s A Video Of A Self-Driving Uber Running A Red Light


There is a lot of skepticism surrounding self driving cars. As great as it would be to sit back, Netflix and chill while getting from point a to b, we might not be quite there yet, technologically speaking.

People may be terrible drivers, but there’s something even scarier about the thought of machines taking over. Even if a self driving car can’t suffer from road rage, their lack of perception could potentially be a problem.

This dash cam from a local cab in San Francisco caught a self-driving Volvo Uber on its worst behavior this week, aka running a red light.

According to Wired, an Uber spokesperson claims that the car was being operated by its human driver at the time and it had nothing to do with a mechanical error.

However, that defense has not stopped the video spreading like wild fire around the internet and casting even more doubt around the service.

Honestly, even if a person were the one to have run the red light, it’s not great news for Uber.

As a result of all of this, the California DMV has decided to get involved. The service has not had to file for a special permit to be able to test autonomous vehicles, which has allowed them to get away with things like running red lights when dash cams aren’t there to catch them.

As of now, if Uber does not stop testing and apply for a permit, the DMV will take legal action. Bad news for self-driving Ubers.

Feature Image Via YouTube 


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