Take A Look At The Most Expensive Car Key Ever


How nice would a life of luxury be? A large house, a yacht, and naturally, a car that has a key worth six figures. Yes, you read that correctly, a car key worth more than some houses.

At the 2015 New York Auto Show, a customized Koenigsegg Agera went on display. The Agera pumps out over 900 horsepower and is extremely lightweight with its carbon-fibre body. It also happens to be very easy on the eyes. Would you expect anything less from a car that costs $2.1 million dollars?

Well, if you have change left over after your purchase, you could get yourself a customized key for your new luxury auto. The creator of this particular model has a company called Optimal Innovative Solutions, which creates a prototype key from platinum, black onyx, and 40 karat diamonds. Estimated value? Around $250,000.

Now that the bar has been raised, maybe a measure of true success isn’t just the car you drive, but the key with which you start it. If you want to see what a $250,000 car key looks like, take a look at the video. You won’t believe your eyes!

What’s next? Maybe a seven-figure cup for your coffee while in the car?

Feature Image Via YouTube


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