Meet Ryan Doon: Vine’s Funniest Star


More commonly known by his handle @Rydoon, Ryan Doon is one of Vine’s biggest stars. With over 83,000 followers on Twitter and 1.16 billion Vine loops and counting, Doon is making people laugh all over the planet with his various character sketches.

Doon is a really great example of how just about anyone can harness the power of the internet and carve out a full-time career doing so.

Our favorite character of Doon’s? That would be his all too amazing “hot mom.” Watch a few of our favorite of these sketches below, and begin following Doon immediately.


Lance Weiss
Lance Weiss

Lance Weiss is a stand-up comedian in NYC and enjoys healthy foods, skateboarding, surfing, cool socks, and fun hats. Find him on Twitter @lanceweiss.

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