Woman Gives Best Interview Ever After Her Home Goes Up In Flames


Some people don’t like the glare of the spotlight. Being the center of attention tends to throw them off their game. Then there are the type of people who thrive in the public eye, the pressure to perform slides off of them like water off a Teflon-coated duck’s back. Michelle Dobyne fits firmly into the latter category.

Dobyne had to flee her apartment building in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when it was engulfed in flames. After escaping, she gave this live television interview without even skipping a beat. It would’ve been easy to dwell on the fact that none of the residents have any heat, but Michelle chose to be upbeat about the whole experience.

That’s right, this was no minor blaze, over 100 people were left without heat or power in her building following the fire.

Keep on keepin’ on, Michelle!


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